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Configure the Tp-Link Cloud with TpCamera App

tpCamera app is very useful and really helpful application for handling the TP-Link Cloud cameras using your smart phone or mobile phone. Here in this blog, we will explain the steps in details that how to configure the TP-Link cloud cameras using the tpCamera mobile cameras. At any issues you need our help, we are always there to help you and assist you. You can contact us any time using the Toll Free Number and we will make sure that your TP-Link cloud cameras are working smoothly.

Configure the TP-Link Cloud Camera with tpCamera mobile Application

  1. First of all you have to make sure that the cameras and the smart phone are connected with the same router.
  2. Fill the login details and go for the Add New device option.tpCamera App Setup | | TP-Link Cloud Login
  3. Here you will find a complete list of the TP-Link cloud camera models, make sure to select the camera that you are using.tpCamera App Setup | | TP-Link Cloud Login
  4. After selecting the model number, the tpCamera will detect the TP-Link camera in the LANtpCamera App Setup | | TP-Link Cloud Login
  5. You will ask whether you want to connect wirelessly or using the wired connections.tpCamera App Setup | | TP-Link Cloud Login
  6. At this step you will be ask to change the name so the TP-Link cloud cameras.tpCamera App Setup | | TP-Link Cloud Login
  7. After following all these steps, you will be capable to handle all the TP-Link camera using your mobile applications.tpCamera App Setup | | TP-Link Cloud Login

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